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Sunday, 19 September 2004

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1737 - Recovering, for a day or so

I'm recovering from all the travel last week. By the airlines' calculations, I traveled about 8500 miles in all last week, between driving back and forth to Minneapolis and flying there to LA and back and LA to Newark and back. Not a lot of miles in one round trip, but when it involves 4, it starts to get long.

The date on Friday was supposed to start at noon and go till 8 or so. Unforeseen mechanical problems meant that we didn't do as much as we set out to, and still didn't get finished till 11:30. I got up at 6 AM Saturday to fly home. The first-class upgrade on the flight was easily worth it, as I was feeling pretty wiped out.

I didn't have any trouble with baggage or getting my car. I couldn't go home before stopping at the Global Maintech office, as noted before, though. They'd gotten a Proliant 6500 off eBay, and it was refusing to come up because of an interlock fault. I thought it was a chassis interlock, but they'd stopped putting those on the 6500 when they went to the Pentium II/III version. I spent a little while looking for the chassis interlock that wasn't there. Finally, I downloaded the service manual off the HP website, and discovered a series of LEDs that showed exactly what the problem was: CPU 1 wasn't fully seated. After I wiggled that, it came right up. While I was there, I printed a time invoice and expense report, and left the folks there signed pictures.

The drive home was the usual 2 hours of boredom. The scenery along US 169 is interesting in that it starts out being flat farmland, drops down into the Minnesota River valley and changes to heavy woods as it runs alongside the river, then climbs back out to flat farmland south of Mankato, but I was too wasted to enjoy it.

I got home, unloaded the car, and collapsed. I didn't do much at all today except eat and nap. I've got a few errands to take care of tomorrow, but nothing heavy. The current plan is that I head back to LA Tuesday, appear on the show Wednesday night, tape date number four Thursday, then go home Friday. I'll make Silver Elite on Northwest WorldPerks on the way to LA, whee.

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Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Wow. What a hectic schedule you have. Please don't forget to take a little time out for yourself. Vitamins, massage? Sounds like a cure for what ails you. *smile*
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Yup...although being busy means I'm making money, and that's a Good Thing. I'm also still having fun, which counts for a lot.
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Were you a little disappointed because the unexpected mechanical probs caused you to not be able to do as much as was set out?

It sounds like it's gonna be crazy week for you. Try to make sure you get enough rest too though. :)

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