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Why Tom Clancy is a Republican

From alt.books.tom-clancy:

The one thing I detest about the Political Left is how they seek to apply their aesthetic to the world. Rather as Hitler, since he disliked Jews, felt it fine to exterminate them. We on the political Right try to allow people to do whatever they wish, so long as it does not do harm to others. In the U.K., a country for which I have a lot of affection, the Political Left seeks to wish to become the new nobility, ruling the peasants (I am a peasant) through the Divine Right of Kings. Here we fought a war over that issue in 1775-1783, and the good guys won. Now we have lawyers, however.

Over here we have those who hug trees (they ignore the fact that trees do not hug back) and want us to share their point of view or else. The anti-gun crowd is the same. Next it will be SUVs (yes, I own one) and french fries at McDonalds. (McDonalds does good fernch fries.)They?ve already won on the cigarette issue (evidently they do not write books).

I am a Republican because I want to live my life as I choose. I belong to the NRA because I enjoy shooting. I drive a nice car because I like nice cars. I do not trouble my neighbors because they have rights, too.

What is so hard about this?

Indeed, this says a lot of what I believe as well. My disagreements with the Republican Party are precisely about where it strays from this ideal. Yes, they're substantial, but my disagreements with the Democrat Party are even more substantial, and there's no other practical choice.
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