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Home again, for a couple of days

The date Friday was fun, but very, very long. We spent 5 or 6 hours of it just driving from place to place. Friday afternoon traffic didn't help. We started at 10 AM, and I didn't get back to my room till 10 PM.

sunnielady is a nice lady, and we both had a great time. I think it'll make good TV. I expect it to air early in the week of 11 October, right after I get back from Linucon. Several of my friends will be jealous when they see it.

I got home about 5 yesterday afternoon. I'll spend today working on the Linucon costume, and some part of tomorrow in the Cities doing the same. They did get my flights changed, so I'm flying out Tuesday morning and back Wednesday morning. I'm glad I got off the red-eye. I hate those, since I can't sleep sitting up.

I'm flying to Austin Thursday, and will be at Linucon all weekend. I'm doing 7 panels, and there are a few more that I'm not going to miss. I'll also get to spend time with folks I know and meet some neat folks I don't know yet. It's really going to be fun. If you haven't registered yet, you can still get the preregistration price by registering online and using Howard Tayler's discount code, ovalkwik . (Yes, that's "kw", not "qw".) (Yes, the other Guests of Honor have their own discount codes. Howard's is the one I remember.) You've got until Wednesday.

Enough fiddling around online. Time to go have fun with plastic.

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