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Sunday, 3 October 2004

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1317 - My tentative Linucon schedule

Howard did it, so I guess I should too...

1400-1530: Tutorial: Linux Performance Tuning - While I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about Linux, I don't know a lot about performance tuning besides "throw more hardware at it".
1600-1700: Opening Ceremonies - Gotta see this one, just to see what the folks have planned.
1730-1830: Costuming 101 - Someone apparently thinks I know something about costuming. I'll have the TRON costume on, as an object lesson if nothing else.
1930-2000: LN2ic (Liquid nitrogen ice cream): Ovalquik - I've gotta try this one.
2030-2200: Just a Geek, Dancing Barefoot - No way in hell am I missing Wil Wheaton reading from his books.
2200-2300: Linux Distributions: What's Out There - I get to talk for an hour about the different Linux distributions and what makes them unique. I even get to plug my favorite ones.
2330-0030: Tutorial: Intro to Python - I've been meaning to learn about Python, and haven't had any time to sit down and hack at here's my chance.

1000-1230: Geeks with Guns - An excuse to go shooting with friends. This is why I'm taking a pistol to Austin.
1300-1400: That Whole Hollywood Thing - I really want to hear what Wil has to say about working in Hollywood, since there might be a career path for me there.
1430-1530: Hacking Food - Howard Tayler and I get to make chupaquesos. I'm bringing my own weapons of mass for this one.
1600-1700: How to Draw - Maybe I can learn something. Despite his protests, Howard can draw one hell of a lot better than I can.
1730-1830: Open Source Licensing - Cathy Raymond is a lawyer who knows as much about open source licensing's legalities as anyone. I'm an opinionated so-and-so. Between us, this should be an interesting panel.
1900-2130: Masquerade Muster and Masquerade. The world will finally get to see my next costume. I think it'll be pretty good.
2200-2300: Coping with Fame 101 - Eric Raymond suggested this one as soon as he found out I was going to the con. We both get to tell our stories about becoming and being famous, and offer opinions on how to deal with it.
2330-0030: Hosting a Webcomic - The webmaster for Schlock Mercenary tells about how to do it. I expect to pick up some knowledge on hosting a popular website.
0030-0100: LN2ic: Grapefruit - I gotta try this one, since I like grapefruit.

1130-1230: Schlock Mercenary - I'm not going to miss Howard talking about the strip.
1300-1430: Banquet - I bought a ticket for this even before I knew who was coming. Now, the hard part: Howard Tayler or Wil Wheaton?
1430-1530: Linux on IBM's Mainframes - I get to talk about Hercules and Linux/390, along with one of the chief architects of the IBM port.
1600-1700: Feedback Session - It'll be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks.

I'm sure I'll find ways to occupy the rest of my time, too...

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And I thought Rob had overscheduled *me*. :-)

Now I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm only on 12 panels (plus judging the Masquerade)


10/08/2004 05:30 PM Costuming 101
10/09/2004 07:00 PM Self Defense for Geeks and Fen ??
10/08/2004 10:00 PM What Peter Jackson left out


10/09/2004 10:00 AM Linux on the desktop
10/09/2004 11:30 AM Geek Culture – Introduction
10/09/2004 01:00 PM Intro to intellectual property
10/09/2004 04:00 PM Linux In Government
10/09/2004 05:30 PM Open Source Licensing
10/09/2004 07:00 PM Masquerade prep?
10/09/2004 08:00 PM MASQUERADE
10/09/2004 10:00 PM "Eye of Argon" Reading


10/10/2004 10:00 AM Dating 101: Remedial Flirting
10/10/2004 02:30 PM Nethack

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