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Friday, 15 October 2004

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0034 - Sorry, not tonight.

The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live bumped me again. This time, it's into the second half of next week, after the Alamo Drafthouse appearance.

I can't complain too loudly, though...the segment I got bumped for was really, really funny. Jimmy's father looks a lot like Wolf Blitzer, and they did a great segment exploiting the fact. Blitzer even got in on the act, and the result was hilarious.

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I'm so looking forward to the segment. I freaked out when I saw you on there doing the antigravity thing because evilzug had showed me your site a billion years ago, and I never watch tv. It was random.

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Hey, did you watch that episode or were you at the studio? I thought that you were going to be on last night, so my friends & I went to the Kimmel tpaing last night. I was sad that you were not there & your date did not air. Let me know the day next week that you're date is going to air so I can make sure to get tix for that Kimmel show taping.
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It's funny....I'll be seeing you again before I can see the date air. Geez, Hollywood.

But, yeah, that Wolf Blitzer bit was funny.

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