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Thursday, 4 November 2004

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1132 - I knew Cubs fans were radical...

From AP:

CHICAGO -- A groundskeeper found a rusted, hollowed-out shell of a grenade in the right-field turf of Chicago's Wrigley Field.

The dud was found Tuesday morning by a worker at the home of the Chicago Cubs. The police's Bomb and Arson investigators were called to examine the device, which they found to be empty and harmless.

``This thing was absolutely nothing more than a piece of scrap metal,'' police Cmdr. Irene Jones said.

Investigators said there was no way to determine how the device ended up on the field, but added that no break-ins were reported at the ballpark.

``Somebody probably had a few drinks and lobbed it over the wall,'' Town Hall District Capt. Bill McCorry said.

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I love the quote in the article I blogged:
"It's a dud, just like the Cubs were," Police spokesman Pat Camden said Wednesday.

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