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No more local obscurity

The Fairmont Sentinel ran its story about me and the TRON costume today. It's on the front page of the lifestyle section, taking up all the story space above the fold (complete with picture), and continues inside as well. Writer Lori Haugen did a pretty good job, although there are a couple of minor bobbles - but nothing seriously wrong.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of reaction the story gets, for both me and vakkotaur (who is mentioned, and quoted, near the end). I'm pretty sure that some folks will at least know my name after this.

Unfortunately, the story didn't make it to their website. I'll scan it in the next few days, and davetronbvg, I'll bring you a copy the next time I'm in LA. (I'm going to go buy several, for family and friends, as well as my own archives.)

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