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Leftist racism

The Left - in all of its various incarnations - has, as a central tenet of its beliefs, that all people are created equal and deserving of equal consideration regardless of their race, national origin, and so on. This is one thing I do agree with them unreservedly about. Where I differ with them is that they seem to want equality of outcome, not just opportunity, and I believe that true equality of opportunity will inevitably lead to differences in outcome.

At any rate, there seems to be a rising outcry among those on the left side of the spectrum that violates that principle. It seems that any black person - especially any black woman - who dares to disagree with the Left's agenda is open to nakedly racist attacks from the Left. It's not just a talk show host in Madison, WI, or a series of political cartoonists. It seems to be a pandemic.

Would someone explain to me why the Left should be allowed to get away with naked racism, after championing its abolition for so long?

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