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Home again, by myself

The trip to LA wasn't bad, although Friday was a long day. I taped not one, but two, appearances. The main one will probably run the week after Thanksgiving (the week of the 29th, for those of you not in the US), and the other won't run till just before Christmas. They do count separately for getting paid, though. Whee.

The appearance next week will be a departure in one respect from usual. It'll be interesting to see what kind of reactions it gets.

I did score first class upgrades on both flights. This is becoming disgustingly easy to get used to. They ran short of meals in first class on the flight back - seems the caterer shorted them one meal cart's worth - but I got one. Guess I wasn't quite far enough down the list to miss out.

I'll make at least one more trip to LA before the end of the year. That will put me at 49,886 elite qualifying miles on Northwest in 2004...or a mere 114 short of Gold Elite qualification. That would make me more likely to get first class upgrades and save me some extra money on my WorldClub membership. If they don't bring me out there twice, I might have to take a little trip just to get me over the hump. I've done it before.

vakkotaur should get home very late tonight, probably after I've gone to bed. The house seems empty. We will have a couple of days at home before driving down to see my parents in Blue Eye, AR (southwest of Branson, MO) for Thanksgiving.

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