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How'd I miss this one?!

I just found out that my aunt and uncle didn't know much of anything about my exploits in the TRON costume. I spoke to my aunt Janice a few minutes ago and got a little rap on the knuckles from her about it.

I'll have to rectify that. I'm going to digitize the three segments that I haven't yet gotten from the uplink tapes, then build a new compilation and make copies for my parents (who probably don't have them all), my sister, and my aunt and uncles (I presume the other uncle doesn't know much either). They also all get copies of the Sentinel with me in it, and autographed pictures.

Until this all started, my uncle Ken Bradshaw was the only famous person in the family. He's a professional big-wave surfer, and holds the record for the biggest wave ever ridden. One of these days, I'd like to sit down and compare notes.

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