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A complete waste of spectrum

I was looking over the TV schedule for Wausau, WI, and marveling at the fact that the ABC affiliate there doesn't run Jimmy Kimmel Live until 1:35 AM (2:35 AM on Mondays!) when I ran across listings for a new station there, WTPX-DT on channel 46. I asked vakkotaur about it, and it didn't ring a bell with him. A bit of digging revealed a couple of tidbits: It's a PAX affiliate, and is unusual in that it's not even putting out an analog signal - and since its transmitter is in Antigo, east of Merrill, with a 50 kW effective radiated power level (1/10 that of the usual UHF TV station), that means its audience is probably pretty damned small. As one commenter in an online forum put it, "I would not be surprised if there are no DTV receivers within WTPX's coverage area." I wouldn't either.

I have to ask: With all that, why bother? They've gotta be paying a bunch in expenses, and getting almost zero ad/infomercial dollars in return.

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