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Politics, politics, politics.

The political swirl is reaching even more of a fever pitch than usual around here, since the race for US Senator from Minnesota is one of the most closely watched this year. Both candidates are really pushing hard, and bringing in the heavyweights to help. At one point, Mondale sat on a taxiway in Fargo for an hour and 45 minutes because of arrival delays at MSP: they'd shut down one runway so Air Force One could land. I had to chuckle at that.

I don't think it'll be over when they announce election results in Minnesota, either. (That will happen early Wednesday morning, because no ballot will be machine-counted for any race until the Senate votes are all counted - by hand.) The race is close enough that absentee ballots will figure prominently. 4.5% of Minnesota ballots are usually cast absentee, including all balloting in several counties. This will work to Coleman's favor, since absentee ballots cast for Wellstone won't count for Mondale, but instead will be treated as spoiled, while absentee ballots cast for Coleman will count. If Coleman wins, I expect a long, drawn-out legal battle second only to the one in the 2000 Presidential election. If Mondale wins, it'll all blow over...probably, though the suit about the Independence Party candidate being excluded from the debate this morning has potential to be interesting.

We'll be hearing about this election for a while yet, in any case. I'm glad I voted absentee so I don't have to deal with it tomorrow.

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