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3, doggone it

irpooh posted her Bacon number of 2 in her LJ this morning. I got curious, as I now have a reasonable connection path to Bacon (not through movies (unless you count 1992's Sidekicks, in which I appeared very briefly in a crowd shot), which makes this not quite legal by the strict definition of the Bacon number). I just sat down with my prized stack of videocassettes and checked.

My Bacon number is 3. Nearly every guest on the show on the nights I was on (which, to me, seemed a reasonable restriction) has a number of 2, as does Jimmy himself. My hopes went up for a moment when I checked one tape and saw David Alan Grier, but then I realized that was the one tape in the stack that I had because I'd given the producer an incorrect date, and I wasn't on that show.

Guess I'll have to keep trying.

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