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Sunday, 28 November 2004

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1459 - Brain fart

I made tapes of the Kimmel appearances for various family members. I wrote one tape on the iMac, and then copied it to four others, which I then sent out. ...or so I thought.

I got an email from an uncle a little while ago: Seems I forgot to set the record VCR to line input when recording. I wound up sending out one good tape and 4 tapes of The Weather Channel. This included, of course, the two tapes I sent to the two uncles, one in Houston and one in Hawaii.

Damn damn damn. I'm supposed to be the family techno-geek...

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And so you ratted yourself out here so we can all have a huge laugh... Not laughing - much. If its any consolation, the guy that made tapes for the theater has sent out more than his share of oopses including 15 tapes of Guys and Dolls - which I split the performances with another actress - so of course I ordered a tape of MY performance. What I got was Act I with me and ActII with the other actress!

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