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A call from my uncle

My uncle Ken Bradshaw called while I was writing the previous entry. For those of you not familiar with the world of big-wave surfing, Ken's the unquestioned king of the sport. He holds the record for the biggest wave ever ridden (85 feet, shown in this picture), and is universally known in the surfing world. His victory in the 1982 Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Championship was the last ever broadcast by ABC's Wide World of Sports.

Ken's schedule is even more insane than my recent schedule, and has been for many years. He routinely flies to Australia, California, Indonesia, and other world surfing hotspots when the waves call. As a result, we don't get to talk much, and we see each other even more rarely. I was happy to hear from him, and we talked for quite a while.

He was quite happy with the Kimmel appearances, and pleased that I'm enjoying myself while being myself. He echoed the sentiment that I'd heard from lots of people in the industry that it was rare to find someone who would just be themselves, and that's what makes me so popular. I can't argue, but I also can't really judge that one for myself.

He headed out to enjoy a 10-foot day of surfing (which, to those of us not from Hawaii, means the wave fronts are 20 feet tall; don't ask me to explain it), which he said was rare this year. As he did, though, he asked me to send him another tape so he could pass it around. (He didn't want to turn loose of the first one.) I'll get that out to him, along with my other uncle's replacement tape, tomorrow.

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