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Tuesday, 30 November 2004

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2011 - I might have to go buy two consoles

In addition to TRON 2.0 for the X-Box, I now want to go get GTA:San Andreas. I'd heard Wil Wheaton mention that he'd done a voice in it, and just heard one clip. It's hilarious, especially when he says "Who do you have to f*** to get a free drink around this place?!" I can tell I'd leave the radio turned on and set to WCTR just to hear more.

Maybe there's a PS2 in my future.

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No! Don't say such things...the Xbox god might hear you, and get vengeful.

Besides, the only thing that Sony has been able to stop being ported to the Box so far is Final Fantasy. GTA:SA will come to us, yes.
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If you get one of the 'large' PS2s (there's a new "slim" model), you can buy a Linux kit for the PS2, and run Linux on it. That way, you could find something useful to do with it even after you get bored with GTA.

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