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Go vote.

I'm not going to go vote today, as I've already voted via absentee ballot, but, unlike wbwolf, I do believe that there are enough differences between candidates to rate taking time to go to the polls. (I can't comment on his LJ, or else this would be a comment there.) The candidates in the various races might agree on more than they disagree about, but there are always issues where who gets elected will make real differences. The example that springs immediately to mind is when George W. Bush replaced Ann Richards as governor of Texas; while this may not have made that much difference overall, it did result in signing the Texas concealed carry permit law, something I considered very important.

I do believe that where the parties have similar views, it is because they represent the vill of the vast majority of the American electorate, and so is not that much of a bad thing. In any event, we're stuck with them for all practical purposes; I don't believe that a third party (let alone more) can have any real impact on the system beyond moving the two major parties in one direction or another.

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