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A mostly wasted weekend

This weekend, I was supposed to get Hercules 3.02 out the door. It's been over a year since 3.01 was released, and it's been well past time to get a new release out to the public.

Unfortunately, events conspired to stop me. I made the necessary changes to the documentation and HTML pages. I got the CVS tree tagged, which allows everyone to get the same source code and compile the same program from it remotely. I built the source distribution and the Mac OS X binary with little trouble.

Then I had to re-tag the tree after fixing a problem. Rebuilt the source distribution. The guy in Germany who's building the Windows binaries got started. I spent 6 hours beating RPM, the Red Hat Package Manager (which is responsible for installing, tracking, and removing programs on many Linuxes) into submission. Fixed another problem with the Linux build, and got that started.

While that was running, the guy in Germany posted, saying one of the most widely-used operating system distributions for Hercules wouldn't run on the new version. It blew up on my system, too. Damn damn damn. No release this weekend. That means that I have to re-do some of the HTML that mentions the release date, and rebuild everything, after we find and fix the problem.

One weekend down the tubes. Argh. On top of that, my knee hurts when I walk down stairs. I probably can't get it looked at until after I'm back from LA, either - and the unitard won't go well over a brace anyway, should I need one.

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