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This guy lost my vote

In an article in today's Fairmont Sentinel, Martin County Commissioner Steve Pierce is quoted as saying that area law enforcement is "too aggressive" in trying to catch people driving while drunk.

I can't believe an elected official would purposely come out and say that, instead of catching drunk drivers, they should "go out and get real criminals or something". Driving drunk is a crime, and one that hurts real people.

DWI is the biggest cause of traffic deaths. In my years as a paramedic, I found the saying "If you're at an accident after midnight and haven't found a drunk, keep looking, because you've missed someone" to be true more often than not. There is simply no excuse for DWI, and those that do it should be prosecuted.

Commissioner Pierce is, unfortunately, not up for reelection till 2006. You can bet I'll remember his statements two years from now. I just hope I get to vote against him.

I feel a letter to the editor coming on. I'll post it here when I get it written. He's got an email address, and he'll get a copy, as well.

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