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Sunday, 12 December 2004

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1128 - Snow blower recommendations?

While we were out shopping yesterday, vakkotaur and I stopped in the local Sears to look at snow blowers. We don't have a lot of stuff that needs clearing: the driveway is 2 cars wide and about 9 feet from garage door to street, we've got about 15 feet of walkway from the back door of the house to the side door of the garage (with a couple of steps, just to complicate matters), and we need to clear the bit of street in front of the mailbox from where the plow gives up to the curb so the lazy mail carrier doesn't have to drag his unionized butt out of his truck and take two steps to get to the mailboxes.

We'd originally planned to get a small electric snow blower. The guy at Sears pooh-poohed that idea, saying they were about as easy to use as shoveling. We looked at a number of gas-powered snow blowers ranging from $400 to $700 in cost. Paul insisted on electric start (and I'm certainly not arguing that one), and we quickly decided that a steel auger is highly desirable to cut through the ridge left behind by the plow. That means, in turn, that we're looking at a 2-stage blower, and that implies that a power wheel drive is desirable to help get it up the steps. I'm not fond of 2-cycle engines, either.

All of these put together mean that we're looking at the high end of the range. I hadn't planned on spending $700, but I don't like the idea of shoveling the street again, either.

Suggestions? What should we be looking at? Know of any hot deals?

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Busy-body alert--- Get the 2 stage! Get the gas powered with the electronic starter!!!! Make sure, however, that you do the maintenance in the spring when it gets put away. (Ours in toast because it wasn't drained last spring and it had to be repaired once already because someone put gas in it instead of the gas-oil mixture it needs.) Don't look at me. One of the deals we made when the boy wanted to buy the house was that I wanted nothing to do with snow removal.
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Ahhhh... condo life... of course the steps and walks get cleared when the maintenace person is d@mn good and ready to... anyway... see ifthis<
/a> this helps...

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