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Monday, 13 December 2004

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1525 - Went ahead and spent money

I went into Sears and bought the model 88180 snowblower. It's got an 8 HP Briggs and Stratton OHV 4-cycle engine, two-stage design, and a 28-inch clearing path. It's also got tires big enough that getting it up the steps shouldn't be too big a deal. It also appears to be an updated version of the model 88775 that everyone I could find with an opinion loved.

The thing's big and powerful enough that I expect we'll be clearing neighbors' driveways, at least the little old lady across the street. The guy next door who wouldn't help keep the approach to the mailboxes clear, though: that's another story.

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HMS Snowbegone

Soooo... when it's time for the first launch will there be a bottle breaking? GRIN!

For a time we had a neighbor that didn't play nice with his snow and Dad kept "accidently" filling part of his driveway above and beyond what the city plow left ... But you guys would never do anything like that would you!
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Re: HMS Snowbegone


No need to be destructive and break a bottle. I think the celebration will be the not shovelling, really. Well, only shovelling a very little bit to deal with the steps.

Not like that. I'm not gonna give the guy any way he can say we're actively doing anything against him. I expect there's a city ordinance about where snow gets put.

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