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Long, slow, cold trip home

After a very pleasant weekend with Eric and Cathy Raymond, I had to head back to Fairmont. It took longer, and was colder and hairier, than I was planning for, but I made it with no trouble.

It was rainy and icy in Philadelphia last night. The streets were slippery, and I wound up not getting to bed till 10:30 because of that. Up at 3:30 to make a 6:15 flight; I expected to have some problems getting to the airport, but that turned out to be a non-issue.

The flight itself was pleasant, although we got in about 30 minutes late due to a delay for de-icing before takeoff and a 100 knot headwind enroute. I'd parked in the garage at my usual vendor near MSP, so I didn't have to de-ice the car before getting on the road. I decided that I-35 and I-90 would likely be better handled by MnDOT than would US-169, MN-60, and MN-15, so I took the Interstates.

I was on the road by 9:15. It took three hours to get home, instead of the usual two. I was in freezing rain for about 80 miles, and had a real time keeping the windshield clear: I bought one bottle of windshield washer fluid in Elko (about 20 miles south of the Cities), and had gone through it before getting to I-90 60 miles later. I bought two more there, getting the last ones this particular station had.

Just running the defroster with the rest of the settings the same doesn't keep the windshield very clear at all. I had to run the thermostat up to max hot and the fan up all the way in order to keep the windshield warm enough to keep the freezing rain from freezing - and that only worked on the lower half to 2/3, depending on how heavy the rain was.

About 40 miles from home, the freezing rain gave way to moderately heavy snow (about 1/4 mile visibility, with big flakes). That let me get the windshield clear and keep it that way. I had no more trouble on the road.

Didn't do much this afternoon. I need to wrap and ship two presents, but I can do that tomorrow.

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