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Wednesday, 22 December 2004

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0837 - Maybe two overseas trips

The thermometer says it's -2.8 F outside. That makes it even more pleasant for me to ponder the possibility of not one, but two, overseas trips, both with someone else paying.

The first, and somewhat more likely, is to Madrid. I got a phone call yesterday from someone who knew me from my work on Hercules. They've got a problem with a software package they sell across lots of different platforms, and need some mainframe experience. I've already found a way to deal with their problem, and my proposal had the guy sounding happy in the email he sent overnight. He said he'd call me later today.

The other one is Hong Kong. I've been there before, in 1997, and it'd be interesting to see how things have changed. My main client has a prospective sale over there, and they're deciding whether to spend the money on sending me to do a demo.

Both trips sound like they'll happen pretty quickly if they happen at all. I'll know more about Hong Kong after a conference call tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, unless I can manage to buy the tickets and get a mileage-based upgrade, I'll likely spend the 20+ hours in the air to Hong Kong in coach. Yuk. Dunno about Madrid yet; I'll know more sometime this morning, hopefully.

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Two trips, in the dead of winter, to places that are *warm* this time of year? God, you're a lucky man, Jay.

Meanwhile, you and Paul have a wonderful Christmas!
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20 hours in coach sounds Perhaps not so much, but a free trip is a free trip right? I hope you have a happy holiday!

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