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Tuesday, 5 November 2002

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1234 - Ooooh, ironic...

An addendum to the previous post: The precedent that a replacement Senator serves until the end of the term in these circumstances was set when Walter Mondale left the Senate to become VP. The Democrats thought it was a good idea at the time...

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Curiously enough....

Connecticut, at one point point between 1945 and 1953, ran through no less than eight senators...

Francis Maloney, dies of heart attack January 1945
Admiral Thos. Hart, appointed February 1945 to succeed Maloney, resigns to allow
Raymond Baldwin, winner of Senate race for full term, to step up
Raymond Baldwin, resigns in December 1949 to become a judge on CT's Supreme
William Benton, appointed December '49 to succeed Baldwin, wins special election in 1950
for the last two years of the term
William Purtell wins full term 52-58, eventually succeeded by Tom Dodd

John Danaher, defeated in 1944, leaves office January 1945
Brien McMahon dies in August 1952
William Purtell is appointed in August 1952 to succeed McMahon...but runs for the full
term of Benton's seat instead of the last four years of McMahon's term
Prescott Bush (grandfather of the current president) wins the remaining four years, iss
re-elected in 1956, succeeded in '62 by Abe Ribicoff

Thus, Connecticut in '46 had a precedent of an interim senator stepping down immediately upon election day, though he didn't have to. Rather different from MN. This is also why CT's senators had very little power for years.

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