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Behind the scenes 1: uhm...

Every so often, I get these periods where I cough a lot for a long time. I'm in one of my coughing periods now. I haven't slept worth a damn the past several nights, and tonight is no different...so when I woke up coughing, I decided to stay up and watch the show. It started 30 minutes later than scheduled, probably because Monday Night Football ran long. Even so, it was interesting...

I show up in two segments. The first, on Uncle Frank, has me as a potential rival for his job. I'm not going to comment on it now because they taped me answering some questions about it, and I think they'll show that Wednesday night.

The second is a short bit they shot during taping for the Christmas special. Mike Tyson really thought my shape was, uhm, interesting... and we both had a good time with it. I will say that there are damned few people I'd let get away with that.

Stay tuned. The second show should be fun, too.

As soon as I finish this cough drop, it's back to bed...

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