What a difference a year makes. - Jay Maynard

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Saturday, 1 January 2005

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1048 - What a difference a year makes.

This time last year, I was just an average guy, struggling along with a freelance computer consulting business, known to a few folks in some very specialized niches but not to the public overall.

Now, I've got the start of a second career I wouldn't have guessed would be possible for me, as a TV performer and (very) minor celebrity. Lots of folks on the Internet have seen my picture, and most of them have either laughed or stared in utter disbelief. Not a small number of them have made their derision known publicly or privately.

Balancing that is a truly unique set of experiences: taking a microgravity flight, waving a flag at a major automobile racetrack, sitting (!) on stage while rock stars perform, and meeting a wide range of people I'd never have had the chance to otherwise, from Buzz Aldrin to Phil Jackson to Scott Dixon to Steven Lisberger to Fred Willard to Lenny Kravitz...and, certainly not least of all, Jimmy Kimmel, a genuinely nice guy.

I've become comfortable appearing on national TV in a costume which many men wouldn't even consider wearing in private (though I still don't understand why). I'm learning a whole new craft (art form? profession?), and getting paid to do it in the public eye, a chance only a very small handful of people ever get in their lives.

Yeah, I'd say 2004 was a hell of a year. The best year of my life? I'm not sure the question means anything. Certainly, though, on the whole it was a good one.

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I laughed the first time I saw you on TV (don't ask me where), but it was motivated by pure jealousy. I think your costuming skills are pretty rad, and you seem like a nice and well balanced person. :)
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Yes, you have had an awesome year, I'd say. When you've gotten to meet as many folks as you have, it's a blessing. Some of us got to enjoy a piece of the fun with you.

It sometimes means taking a risk...to stand out, and I am sure you are glad now that you did. May 2005 continue to bring smiles and good fortune your way. That's my wish for everyone!
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You have definitely made a name for yourself. Soo many people know of you... seeing your costume on the net. It's really cool that you aren't embarrassed to be who you are. Not too many people can say or do that.

Congrats on a great year!! Keep up the good work & I'm sure this next year will prove to be better.
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It seems like I can't turn on G4/Tech TV without seeing you! Props on the costume, especially the EL wire lighting.
Good luck with your company! Hopefully your (minor) fame will take it out of obscurity and bring you prosperity, even when your 15 minutes of fame are over.

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