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Saturday, 1 January 2005

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1653 - Good luck can be yummy

Eating black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year's Day is a Southern tradition that goes back centuries. Of course, it's one that I follow regularly. The past couple of years, I'd just heated up a can of them, but this year I wanted something more. I mentioned this to Ron Babb, our local barbecue master, and he gave me a ham bone and instructions.

I dug around the net, since his instructions were kinda unclear, and settled on this recipe as being close to what he'd said and yet more complete. A quick trip to the local Hy-Vee produced the required ingredients, and it was home to do the cooking.

I just pulled the pot off the fire. Yummy good stuff. It's a LOT of food, though, and I suspect a good chunk of it will go to waste. I did have a bowl just now, though, and it turned out yummy. Cooking with ham really does make it taste better. I don't quite know why they bothered with the whole onion, though.

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Good luck can be yummy - or it can stink like those stinky beans called black-eyed peas. I suspect that they are good luck in the same manner as eating a live toad in the morning is good luck: after starting out like that, things just can't help but get better. The long cooking time meant it had a chance to stink up the whole house instead of just the kitchen. The malodorous scent even crept into the basement. One thing, it does reveal that myrrh, or at least myrrh incense, really does help deal with foul odors.

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Happy New Year!!

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