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CompUSA commercial?

I've now been asked a couple of times if I did a commercial for CompUSA:

They show a guy sitting at a computer with someone who (according to my sister) looks just like me, down to body shape and mustache, standing behind him in a duplicate of my costume. The voiceover says, "We have computer geeks who can fix your computer problems." The geek then leans over and quickly fixes the problem.

No, I had nothing to do with it. I wish I did.

Any of you folks out there happen to have the commercial on videotape or TiVo? If so, I'll deeply appreciate a copy. So far, I've only heard of it being run on TV in Dallas and Houston, but it's possible it ran elsewhere.

If you've seen it, or got it on video, please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

Update: 1718: Got another call from my sister. My brother-in-law watches a lot of sports, and he says that the commercial runs quite a bit on ESPN and Fox Sports Southwest during football and basketball games. Since I don't usually watch those, I hadn't seen it. He also says there's a whole series of them. Just one will suffice for my needs.

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