ME??! Jump out of a perfectly good aircraft?! - Jay Maynard

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Thursday, 20 January 2005

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1044 - ME??! Jump out of a perfectly good aircraft?!

Via vakkotaur:

You Should Try Skydiving

Don't look before you leap
And you'll become a hardcore extreme sports addict I'll fly the jump plane, but I won't jump out of it.

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hey, skydiving in that tron costume might be a cool kimmel segment >=)
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I am the most risk-averse creature on the planet... and it chose Bull Riding?

This extreme sports quiz needs some less extreme sports.

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But Jay... You have been flying a lot lately, I would have thought you would be someone who would be intersted in skydiving.
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Re: Flying...

I've been flying commercial, true...but I also hold a private pilot's license. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not something a pilot should be doing.

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