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Football this weekend

Looks like I'll be watching - and taping - both NFL playoff games this weekend, in the hope of catching the CompUSA commercials on videotape.

I wasn't much of a football fan to begin with, and when Paul Tagliabue essentially made it impossible for Houston to keep the Oilers, my interest died completely. (He refused to guarantee Houston a Super Bowl if the city built Bud Adams a new stadium, despite having guaranteed LA one if they built one. Without a Super Bowl guarantee, the deal died.) Yeah, I know what to watch for, but it just doesn't do that much for me any more.

That said, I will be cheering for New England in the AFC title game. I don't have much opinion about Philadelphia-Atlanta, but I'll cheer for whoever is playing the Stealers and whoever is playing the Cowboys. (If they're playing each other, I'll cheer for the refs.)

Even so, I wish commercials' scheduling could be seen in advance by folks other than those who work at TV stations, so I could just tape them and be done with it.

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