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Snow blower good. Panics bad.

After last night's snow with lots of wind, we finally had enough to warrant firing up the shiny new snow blower. It started on the first pull, once I remembered to use the primer. I got the driveway clear in short order, then the snow berm the plow left behind in front of the mailboxes. The neighbor on that side said to go ahead and use the half of the driveway he doesn't use to put snow on, so I was a nice guy and cleared the berm in front of his garage too.

Then I was a nice guy and cleared the driveway of the little old lady who lives alone across the street. I discovered that the blower could handle snow all the way to the top of the intake housing with only a very little bogging down, and that with the speed control set to 2. If I'd shifted down to 1, it wouldn't have complained. By the time I finished that, the snow spray was freezing my forehead, so I packed it in.

My iMac paniced twice yesterday with a message that indicated a possible hardware problem. It hasn't done it since, but I got nervous and started looking at prices.

It turns out that a 20-inch iMac G5, fully loaded, is about the same price as a 20-inch Cinema Display and a fully loaded Mac mini. The latter gives me the ability to upgrade the system later to a G5, without having to essentially throw out the display as I would with the iMac. OTOH, that does only give me a G4/1.4 instead of a G5/1.8. Even so, that may be the route I go if the iMac does bite the big one.

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