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The Kiwanis talk

The talk went pretty well.

I arrived at the restaurant about 6:30. I took off my coat and went to the men's room to finish putting on the costume. I'd worn the unitard under my street clothes, so I didn't have to change everything, but it was still a bit of a nuisance - but one I'm used to by now.

With everything in place and the el-wire turned on, I went to the back room where the meeting would be held. There were some folks there already, including the club president (but not the guy who'd talked to me on the phone). They all reacted to the costume with more than a little surprise, and were pleased to hear I'd be talking about it.

We had breakfast before the meeting. Apparently, they have an agreement with the restaurant. We had pancakes, an egg, and bacon. The meeting started just before 7, when everyone had arrived that was going to. They sang My Country 'Tis of Thee and said the Pledge of Allegiance, took care of some business, and then introduced me.

I went around the front of the head table so they could see the costume better. :-) I talked for a while about how I'd come to make it, what it took, the initial negative reaction, and how it all turned positive. I told of a few of my Jimmy Kimmel Live appearances. I spoke for about 20 minutes, then answered a few questions (one perceptive guy asked where I was from; the others are pretty usual about how the lights work, that sort of thing).

The audience stayed interested the whole time. A few people had to leave early to go to work, but I heard later that they'd asked others what I'd said after they left, so they sound interested too. I got several laughs out of them, too.

After the talk, everyone left for work. I spoke briefly to the guy who'd asked me to come and the club secretary, and then changed back into my street clothes and left.

It went very well. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and I enjoyed talking about the whole thing. If other folks want me to come talk, I think I'll accept.

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