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Telephone lines can hold up a car

vakkotaur pointed me at this story in Firehouse Magazine online, linked from Fark. It seems that some guy was in such a rush to get to work (or something) that, after hanging his car up on some overhead telephone wires, he jumped out, left the engine running, and caught a bus. The car ran until the oil ran out and the engine seized. It took several wreckers and a Southwestern Bell crew to get it down.

Whatever it was must have been really important, or else the car must have been stolen...because the damage appears minimal, aside from the engine. I would never have guessed the phone wiring would have been that strong.

One other note: I used to belong to the fire department that responded to this call, when I lived in southwest Houston. Looking up the location of the incident, I would have thought that area would have been annexed by Houston a decade or so ago. The Community VFD (which started out as the Alief VFD) has been seeing its area annexed steadily for years, and I would have thought it would all be gone, certainly everything east of Highway 6, by now.

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