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Tuesday, 15 February 2005

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0759 - ping michaelmink

The Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion, by virtue of its mention in the Jargon File (the definition of foo), has been referenced in RFC 3092. RFCs are the documents that define the Internet.

That means that Eric has, in his own small way, helped to advance the cause of networking. You should feel honored.

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The a-e would bring this up with the a-eMum, but this would likely depress her. She once commented that she had spent ca $150,000 on his education, and she's produced a son best known for his knowledge of animated cartoons.

As for the a-e himself, he, too, is amused. He wishes he could re-find the specific Holman ref regarding the Chinese fu dog, but luckily for him, his other cartoon books track back all this stuff.

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