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Schedule of stuff I know about

Since vakkotaur posted his schedule for the rest of the year, I suppose I should post mine. This is the stuff I know about so far. Of course, it's subject to change at a moment's notice.

23-28 February (yes, that means tomorrow): Orlando. Neat project I can't talk about yet.
28 February-5 March: SHARE, Anaheim, CA. Talking about Hercules.
21-25 April: Penguicon 3.0, Novi, MI. Betcherass I'm going back.
7 May: Minnesota Repeater Council meeting, Superior, WI. At the Duluth/Superior Hamfest. Since I'm vice-chairman of the organization, I need to be there.
26-30 May: Rocket City Furmeet, Huntsville, AL. I dunno if I'm going to this or not, but at least it's on the calendar.
3-5 June: Siouxland Renaissance Festival, Sioux Falls, SD. Wild horses couldn't keep me away from this one.
17-19 June: Jubilee Olde English Faire, Peoria, IL. Haven't been to this one before, but it gets rave reviews from folks whose opinions I trust (hi, foolscap001 and irpooh).
5-8 August: Summerfest ham radio convention, Austin, TX. I have to go to this one in hopes of straightening out a royal screwup inflicted on the Texas VHF-FM Society by a group wanting to either take it over or else neutralize it completely.
21-26 August (tentative): SHARE, Boston, MA. Never been to Bahstin before. More Hercules.
August-September: A day or two at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, MN.
3-5 September: One day of this weekend will probably be at the Iowa Renaissance Festival in Middle Amana, just to see friends...unless we're struck with a severe case of apathy.
13-17 October: Linucon 2.0, Austin, TX. Gotta go back to this one.

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