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Pictures from this weekend

It's been a busy, hectic past few days. I can't write about the details yet, since that would give away the secret of just why I'm in Orlando. (I do have the LJ entry written, and will post it when I can.) I can, however, show a few pictures...

I've been hanging out with Cindy Morgan, who played Yori and Lora in TRON and Lacy Underalls in Caddyshack. We both were given annual passes to Universal Studios Orlando, and finally got to go this morning, in the rain. Here we are, as photographed by a nice bystander:

Jay and Cindy, in the rain

I went to the MegaCon SF convention yesterday with Cindy. Of course, I had to go in the TRON costume. Since I didn't feel like changing into the unitard somewhere there, I put it on at the hotel, and wore street clothes over it. On the shuttle, a guy with a Darth Vader costume got on behind me, and Cindy was struck by the contrast:

Darth Vader and Jay

I stopped in the lobby of the convention center to change into the full costume, and Cindy thought that was just too funny:

Changing in the lobby

More details will follow, although it'll likely be a couple of weeks.

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