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Thursday, 17 March 2005

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0923 - Shot myself in the ass this time

I've got two programming projects going at the moment. One, for money, is a GUI editor for a configuration file. The other, for fun, is a set of utilities to process virtual tapes (files on disk that represent, as closely as possible, the contents of a physical tape).

This morning, I whipped up a makefile (a file that allows automatically building software from sources with one command). I wanted to test it. I blew away all of the intermediate object code, and the final test program, then typed "make". I got an error message that said it didn't know how to make the source file.

A bit of head-scratching later, I came to a horrible realization: instead of typing rm *.o, I'd typed rm *.c. ARGH!!!!

It was only about 600 lines of code, but it was nicely commented and debugged. It'll take me a few more evenings to rewrite it all. Damn, what a disappointment.

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Ouch. Sorry to hear that. You're not alone, though; check out my mistake du jour, enshrined in my LJ.
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This is why "make clean" was invented. Sigh. BTDT.
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Yup. As soon as I recreate the C sources, I'm adding a "make clean" rule...but not until then, since I've got the existing .o files around, and I really don't want to blow them away. Until I do that, I'm simply not removing anything.

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