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How much snow did you get, Jay?

Fairmont reported 14 inches of snow Friday. Not as much as the 21 inches Kiester, MN (about 30 miles east of here) got, which was a single-day record for Minnesota, but still quite a bit.

I didn't open the front door, because... Note the snow on the porch railing, and how far up it's piled, as well as how far it's piled up against the storm door.
Snow on the front porch

A tree in our front yard.
Snow in a tree

I was a nice guy and used the snowblower on the little old lady across the street's driveway. I damn sure wouldn't want to have to do this one by hand with that much snow piled up.
Snow-free driveway across the street

...but I'm even happier I'm not the owner of this Pontiac Grand Am.
Snowed-in Grand Am

It piled up in back, too. Paul shoveled out this bit in front of the door to the porch behind our garage.
Snow up against the back porch

I didn't know snow would do this, but as you can see, it's hanging over the edge of our garage roof.
Snowy overhang on the garage

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