Don't underestimate George Bush. - Jay Maynard

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Thursday, 7 November 2002

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0800 - Don't underestimate George Bush.

wbwolf (whose LJ I can't comment on directly) had this to say last night:

[I'm sorry, Michael, but I've never been able to even respect Bush Jr. I've found him repugent, didactic, reprehensible, and Texan since the day he was thrust onto my consciesousness.]

This is typical of the Left: they mock him and call him stupid, despite being repeatedly proven wrong. Time and time again, his judgment is right on the money, as Jay Ambrose wrote in this editorial reprinted in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Don't underestimate him, and don't think for a moment that he's not what this country wants.

(And as for being Texan: Maybe you're sick of me, and all I stand for, Brian, but I will never for one moment apologize for being from Texas, and Bush should not either.)

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Some folks just keep misunderestimating.
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Actually, I agree with this. I wish "the Left" would conduct themselves more intelligently, like focusing on the way he changes his stand on issues repeatedly and manages to make it look like he's saying pretty much the same thing he was before by bending the definitions of words. (Saying that disarmament would constitute "regime change"? Not by any definition of the term that I know of.) Clinton got it hard for doing this, but so far, Bush hasn't.
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I spent most of my childhood in Texas. Most of Mom's family, and my immediate family live there.

But I'll ALWAYS say that I'm from Illinois. You should never be ashamed of where you're from, much less feel obligated to apologise for it.

(I'll leave my personal views of W at the door.)

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