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Toyota/Lexus hybrid SUVs

wbwolf points to a couple of articles in the Japan Times in his latest entry. Toyota is about to introduce two hybrid versions of the SUVs known in the US as the Lexus RX330 (to be known as the RX400h) and the Toyota Highlander.

The article says that the new vehicles will get 17.8 km/L, or 41.9 MPG (5.6 L/100km) according to my HP48SX. I wonder just how they came up with that answer, as it's about double the RX330's number. Personally, I doubt its accuracy unless you're talking about strictly stop-and-go city driving, where a hybrid shines. My results would almost certainly be lower than the pure gas version, as the vehicle weighs more, and hybrids provide no advantage at all in highway driving - where the same 3.3-liter engine as in the RX330 would be running full-time.

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