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Thursday, 31 March 2005

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2103 - Costume #3 underway

I got the programming project I've been working on delivered, so I can finally start on making the costume for the Masquerade at Penguicon 3.0.

This one, with more than a little help from ginafae, will involve...<music type="dramatic">sewing!!!</music> I took the sewing machine I inherited from my grandmother more than 20 years ago, and which I think she bought in the late 60s, in for a tune-up and cleaning - the reverse button is stuck (in reverse mode) and the pattern selector isn't working right. Fortunately, I do have a manual for it (or at least one that's close enough for my purposes), so I can figure out the basic stuff. I'll get the machine back next Wednesday, and can start in on the costume in earnest then.

Yes, I'll do another diary page for it. This time, I'll even save the hi-res pictures, just in case someone wants them.

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What kind of costume are you making this time? I cant wait to see it!
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That would be telling.

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