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Tuesday, 5 April 2005

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1047 - Another Model II

Just got a call from the freight company...I was bottom-feeding last week, and wound up with another TRS-80 model II, this one with the external disk expansion unit. The box will hold up to 3 extra drives, for a total of 4. I believe this one has 2 drives in it. The expansion box is much harder to find than the machine, so I'll be glad to get this one.

The only gotcha: The machine and expansion box were $50; the shipping was $140. The seller showed shipping via UPS on the auction listing, but refused to ship any way but truck freight. I'm not pleased about that, as I would have passed on the auction had I known. (I was expecting UPS shipping to come in two separate boxes, for about $70.) They're getting negative feedback for that.

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In the seven or so years I've been using eBay, I've never left a negative rating; I've only been ripped off once, for such a minor sum (it was $7) that it wasn't worth my time.

I did leave a neutral rating, once, with a chap who was lousy at communications and had a very spotty feedback record. Surprisingly, I got a refund. (Wish I had the item, instead, but you can't have everything.) I suppose slightly soft-pedaling the comment and the rating helped.

I see the point about the extra $70 in shipping (Yipe!), but I think if the item itself (as opposed to the shipping) is as advertised, a neutral rating would probably be better. You, of course, being the chap who laid out the $140, have a stronger case for negative ratings, but this is just my opinion.
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Yeah, you're right. In general, I've reserved negative feedback for folks who either didn't send the item at all, or else sent something that was substantially misrepresented. That's not the case here. I have left neutral feedback for folks who sent the item as described, but either charged excessive shipping or had a significant delay in sending it.

I probably will just leave a neutral. That's damning enough, to a lot of folks.

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