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Thursday, 7 April 2005

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0857 - Cheap tuneup

I got my sewing machine back yesterday. The guy said he'd gone through it and tuned it up, and cleaned up a few sticky parts. The slip also says he balanced the tension and gave it a thorough checkout. He told me that would keep me going for several more years.

Not bad for $27.69. irpooh suggested that I hang onto the machine, since it's old enough to have lots of metal in it. Boy, is she ever right about that! *oof*

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You ought to see the tank of a Singer the a-eMum has. I know for an iron-clad fact it's at least 45 years old, since it was one of the first things the a-eMum got when she came to this country, and even then, I think it wasn't new. Solid metal, and weighs a ton (she can't lift it anymore, and even the a-eDad has issues with it). It operates via a foot-pedal/electric mechanism. Probably would fetch a pretty penny on eBay.
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How did you go about finding a shop to service it? When I purchased my home, the previous owners left behind a really nice tabletop sewing machine, but the power cord is frayed. I can fix that, but I'm assuming the rest of the machine needs a tuneup.

Congrats on the inexpensive benefit.
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There's a sewing machine shop (just one) in Fairmont. The choice was simple.

I'd suggest a quick yellow pages search.

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