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Thursday, 14 April 2005

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1425 - Spent too much money, maybe

I was looking at MP3 players last night. Found only one that took a USB stick like I was looking for, and Lexar designed it so that it would probably only work with their sticks - specifically, the Jump Drive Sport.

I started looking at players that accept other flash memory formats. While checking out CompactFlash-based players, I discovered the Creative Labs MuVo2 has a built-in 4GB CompactFlash-style microdrive. I could pull that out and stuff it in my Olympus E-10 camera and go all day without ever worrying about running out of space, or I could actually leave it in the player if I found it met my needs.

Going price on eBay for a new overstock MuVo2 is $139. I grabbed one. It should arrive early next week. Whee.

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Yeah, that's what I was talking about earlier, with the physical size of your USB sticks mattering and not likely being able to find one that took everything.

I have a 4GB Muvo2. They're pretty nice. However, I believe they modified the design at some point so that the drive was soldered directly in because people posted online how you could do that, and at the time, 4GB Microdrives for cameras sold for a lot more than the Muvo2 in its entirety did. I hope the one you got is the right type; good luck with that.

Also keep in mind that if you did get the right type and you want to swap out the drive for some flash memory, you'll need to install 'new' (actually older, from before Creative tried to alter things so you couldn't do this trick anymore) firmware on your Muvo2; it's readily available, and a quick search on Google ought to find a copy for you.

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