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Thursday, 7 November 2002

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1409 - For the record

I've been accused of using vakkotaur's LJ account to evade a ban on commenting on wbwolf's LJ entries. Here, for the record, is the reply I made to that accusation (which can be found in a comment in youngvanwinkle's LJ):

I don't know Vakko's password, and would not use it in any case. When I have something to say, I say it, under my own name. When I have a comment about your LJ entries, I make it in my own LJ, with a lj-user tag back to yours.

I view it as a matter of personal integrity: if I'm not willing to hang my name on it, I don't say it. If I can't hang my own name on it, I won't say it. Thus, I view this statement of yours as an attack on my personal integrity. I would ask for an apology, but it would be a futile gesture.

I'm saddened, but not surprised, that you choose to ban me from commenting on your LJ. I have not done the reverse, nor will I do so. (Even if I knew how, beyond banning those not in my friends list.) My entries may be commented on by any registered LJ user.

Finally, I'm disappointed that wbwolf chose to attack me by proxy. If he's got a problem with me, he can tell me about it, not make accusations in a third party's LJ, especially one that I don't normally read.

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