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Sunday, 17 April 2005

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2051 - Refamiliarization with the tools

I spent some time this evening getting familiar with the sewing machine again. With the book in hand this time, I didn't have to struggle with things like loading the bobbin and such...and I did several repairs that had been outstanding for a while. I'm feeling comfortable enough to tackle the big project. Look out, world...

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I bought an old Singer machine on eBay that didn't come with the manual. I still can't get a hang of threading the bobbin. Well, I haven't tried that hard either, and plan to really give it a go this summer.

But good luck!
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Hm. I suspect you could get suggestions on how to go about it if you posted a model number, or a picture...there are folks who collect old sewing machines that could probably help.
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"Sister Sheila Sewing Shirts for Soldiers?"

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