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We have MP3.

The MuVo2 came in today. After I got to a stopping point on my paying programming project, I plugged it into the iMac, and was surprised to discover that it showed up as a music device. Unfortunately, dragging a playlist to the device copied the files, but did nothing toward building a playlist on it.

Okkay, hacking time. I found a script to export iTunes playlists as .M3U files (the standard playlist format), and installed it. That almost did the job, though it did nothing toward organizing the files on the MuVo2. Clearly, more hacking was needed.

Python to the rescue. An hour or so of hacking produced a little script that transformed the .M3U into something usable (or so I thought...) and copied the files into a directory structure on the MuVo2's disk. Unfortunately, I forgot one little detail, and so the playlist wasn't usable. I think I know how to fix that. I'll clean it up a bit, and then put it up for folks to make use of.

The player itself sounds good enough for my purposes; I'm no audiophile, but it didn't distort enough for me to notice at full output (which was loud enough that vakkotaur could listen to the music sitting behind me), and so I'm not going to complain. The user interface isn't bad. This will NOT be my final MP3 player, though, should I decide I need one: loading the thing over USB 1.1 was painful. I want Firewire, dammit. Besides, the iPod just fits in with everything else I've got better.

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