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Penguicon 3.0

No detailed report here...just a quickie. Basically, I didn't do anything earth-shattering this time. I spent the weekend hanging out with friends and arguing with Cory Doctorow (and earned myself a Pain-in-the-Ass Poindexter ribbon from him, whee!).

As noted before, I spent all weekend in one costume or another. Friday was one of my Renaissance outfits (which Eric Raymond told me later would be very good to wear if I wanted to seduce women, whee). Saturday was the Xinchub costume, and Sunday was the TRON costume. Not a single person said anything the slightest bit negative to my face, as usual. I got a lot of positive comments.

I hadn't planned to enter the Masquerade. I did volunteer to help with it, but when I showed up at the muster, I got drafted to enter it instead. Since I was already wearing the only costume I'd have entered, it didn't take a lot of effort. I didn't shave my head or mustache, as I had for Linucon. I did, however, succeed in memorizing and delivering the speech I'd totally blown at Linucon, and the audience laughed at the appropriate moments. howardtayler did the "I'm not worthy" thing to me afterwards. Unfortunately, though, I didn't win anything. I was really disappointed, since I'd gotten the presentation right, and was the only one who had any kind of a presentation of note.

My panel on what the last year has been like had 3 people attend. sandratayler was nice enough both to come and to run my camcorder, so I've at least got the talk on tape. I was hoping more would come, but 2 PM Sunday was a really slack time.

I went to a panel on the differences between SF fandom and the open source community. I told my story about the rotten time I had at last year's CONvergence. After it ended, one of the panelists came up to me and suggested that I try a different con in the Cities, or maybe elsewhere, as she felt my experience was atypical and I might have a better time at another. I might try Minnicon for a day, though CONvergence and MarsCon are off my list for the next several years at least. (Yes, I know they're different. Yes, I know the groups running them are different. I've got reasons to avoid both.)

I got to spend a lot of time with good friends, and generally enjoyed myself. I'll be back next year.

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