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There's a tiger in my laptop

After seeing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yesterday, I took advantage of being in the Twin Cities to go by an Apple store and look at Mac OS X 10.4, better known as Tiger. After asking about compatibility with my existing applications (notably, Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro), and being assured that both would run, I took the plunge.

It installed on my laptop in about an hour and a half, including verifying the contents of the DVD. (It comes on a DVD now; if you need CDs, you can exchange it by mail.) I didn't have any problems with the software itself, although two programs I use, CodeTek Virtual Desktop and the OS X tunnel driver, wouldn't run. Someone will no doubt update the latter; there's no update for the former yet.

On the whole, it looks good. Spotlight and Dashboard both work as advertised. I was mildly surprised to discover that the Dashboard yellow pages applet already knew my ZIP code, so I didn't have to tell it to look in Fairmont. I was disappointed in one bit: while the main Calculator application now has an RPN mode (RPN r00lz, d00d!!), the Dashboard applet does not. The system feels a bit faster, though not dramatically so.

I won't be installing it on the iMac for a while yet: I need to build Hercules for the predominantly available version of the OS, and that ain't Tiger yet. Supposedly, you can build for downlevel systems, but I haven't figured out how to make that work for packages built outside the control of Package Builder.

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