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Tuesday, 3 May 2005

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1051 - Online lyrics

Occasionally, I'll want to find the name of a song that I remember from my younger days but can't bring the group, or the title, to mind. There are a bunch of online lyrics sites that invariably help in this effort; a quick Google for "<words> lyrics" usually turns up several references.

One song I was looking for this morning was quickly found this way, Diesel's Sausalito Summer Night. Upon listening to it, though, I heard another verse that the lyrics site I'd found first missed. A bit more checking showed that none of the other sites I found had it either. That's kinda weird. I guess they all just swipe lyrics from the first site that posts them, thus propagating mistakes.

Never let it be said that I leave you, my faithful readers (all 5 of you), in suspense. Herewith, the missing verse, to go after the second chorus:

Another mile or two to Frisco
Two hundred gallons from LA
The engine's thumpin' like a disco
We oughtta dump 'er in the bay

Update: The band that did this one was Dutch! Fascinating. Opinions about this one seem to be either love or hate among those I've seen online. Personally, I like it: it's a fun tune, and just makes me smile - even if it is about The Road Trip from Hell...

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Not far from San Francisco and it's 200 gallons to L.A.? That's... about 2 mpg for that heap. Must be the hole in the tank. Ouch.

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That or you're spending an absurdly long time at a dead stop.


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